Hi! I’m Evan.

I’m a UX designer with 13 years of experience building first-of-a-kind digital products. I’m freelancing and looking for a full time role with a mission-driven company.

Hi! I’m Evan.

I’m a UX designer with 13 years of experience building first-of-a-kind digital products. I’m freelancing and looking for a full time role with a mission-driven company.

I’ve been a senior designer for 8 years, so I’m confident assessing the design needs of a project, making a plan and working with stakeholders to execute it. I create excellent deliverables, but I’m also a capable design strategist and product leader. Since 2017 I’ve worked at small NYC product product agencies run by process nerds like myself, and that’s given me a deep toolkit of research and design methods for every stage of the software development lifecycle.

My work has focused heavily on B2B SAAS, but I am especially proud of the work I’ve done with nonprofits, healthcare and scientific research organizations. Notably:

  • In 2018 I worked with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals on Abilify MyCite, the first FDA approved app + pill + wearable combo for people living with Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder.
  • In 2021 I worked with doctors at Columbia University Irving Medical Center on a clinical trial to investigate if an educational iPad app could increase condom use in sexually active teenage boys. I also co-authored a paper on the process of designing an app for the study.
  • In 2021 and 2022 I worked with Argonne National Laboratory designing a Research Data Management Platform, as well as machine-learning powered materials science tools.

I have a background in web and graphic designer, as well as activism and progressive social change. In my spare time, I love to garden and hike in the Hudson Valley with my partner and our rescue dog. I also adore making pottery, collage and practicing figure drawing. I volunteer in my community, both as a designer and a set of hands, and am especially passionate about community gardens and food security. I also make the world’s best guacamole and the world’s worst puns (citation needed).

What’s a Squidelephant?

I find tremendous design inspiration in the ways nature solves problems. Squids and Elephants are from completely separate branches of the animal kingdom yet have independently developed startlingly similar solutions to the same use cases, a phenomenon known as convergent evolution.

Trunks and tentacles both solve for flexibly and securely wrapping around food at a distance and moving it from the environment to the mouth. Tusks and beaks both aid in securing food and defending against predators. But I think the most profound example is the eye: cephalopods and land animals both independently evolved spherical eyes with focusing lenses to perceive the world around them.

Combining them felt like an appropriate mascot of sorts for the iterative design process – and a reminder that there are many different ways to get to get to a good design. It also makes a cute and memorable brand.


Senior UX Designer

Dom & Tom
FEB 2019 – DEC 2023

Lead UX Design and strategy for clients, from kickoff to launch. Working with 2-3 clients at a time, I lead Discovery and Design phases, then worked with developers to estimate, implement and QA. Figma became an essential tool for me here, especially for clickable prototypes and building design libraries. Increasingly I also filled the role of visual designer.

Contract UX Designer

OCT – DEC 2018

Concept development of next-gen apps for T2 Diabetes patients for major pharma client. Unique challenges included learning about diabetes lifestyle changes, hardware and software for T2D patients, FDA requirements for apps as medical devices, and leveraging latest medical and academic research on habit change and gamification to propose clinically validated design solutions.

SENIOR UX Designer

Motivate Design
OCT 2017 – OCT 2018

Lead UX design efforts for clients and project managed as needed. Ran discovery workshops for corporate and startup clients and travelled domestically to lead kickoffs and user testing sessions. Worked with stakeholders to discover requirements, turn them into wireframes, prototypes and high fidelity mockups. Worked with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals on Abilify MyCite, the first FDA-approved app, wearable & medication combo for Schizophrenia & Bipolar 2.

SENIOR UX Designer

AUG 2016 – SEPT 2017

Lead usability testing, designed wireframes and high fidelity comps, and wrote functionality specs. Worked with product owners, developers and data scientists to build new features & optimize our products based on user behavior and devised product roadmap.

UX Consultant

B&H Photo
DEC 2015 – AUG 2017

Optimized responsive design behavior across an award-winning ecommerce site. Redesigned main nav header, filtering UI, and live chat / user feedback flow for multiple breakpoints. Trained a 9 person UX team in Jira and Sketch. Built Google Analytics dashboards to continuously monitor user engagement and conversions, and compare that to customer feedback. Redesigned static pages and features across the site.


The Orchard
2010 – 2015

Lead UI and UX design on the client platform for music & film distribution (and admin backend) with 15,000+ users. Worked directly with leadership, product managers, other designers and tech leads to create user flows, clickable prototypes, and hifi mockups. Lead UI audits and updates, wrote and maintained UI style guide.


Technical Skills
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Annotated Design Specs
  • User Interviewing
  • Usability Studies
  • User Stories
  • Workflow Diagrams
  • Design Systems
  • Visual Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Design Workshops
  • Agile Rituals
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
People Skills
  • Mentoring junior designers
  • Leading design teams
  • Working with executive stakeholders
  • Figma
  • Adobe CC
  • Jira, Azure DevOps, etc
  • React
  • CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Gherkin
  • Web hosting & Domain management